My Review: Shimano S-Phyre RC901T

Smiling over these beauties! Shimano’s new S-Phyre RC901T track shoe is 🔥 I’ve been using the RH320W road shoe for years and absolutely them. ⁣

I currently have full custom track shoes for racing and I’ve been looking for another track shoe to train in and be my back up pair. There aren’t too many track specific shoes in market and I’m excited about the new S-Phyre RC901T and share my experience! I feel that they would work too if you’re a criterium and time trial specialist. ⁣

When I look for a track shoe, I want a shoe that’s reliable, good looking, but most importantly stiff. I’m impressed with these! It’s a low profile shoe, with a stiff sole heal support, minimizing food movement, which kept my foot firmly in position for direct power transmission. The BOA system works great, so my foot feels snug and they’re quick and easy to take off – had no trouble and velcro steps didn’t get in the way. The only downside is that I got a blister on the inside of my foot, but that’s totally common with new and especially stiff cycling shoes until you break them in. Can they please come in more colors?!?⁣

Disclaimer: Everyone has a different experience with cycling shoes, so definitely do your research, but I highly recommend #Shimano and have been using their shoes and components for most of my entire cycling career! ⁣⁣

#RideShimano #ChangingDiabetes

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