UCI Track World Cup in Hong Kong!

Hello, Hong Kong! It’s good to be back with USA Cycling and yes, all safe and sound here. This weekend, I’ll be racing the Sprint and Keirin 🇺🇸

After a 20+ hour travel day and currently a 13 hour time difference, the jet lag is real and my diabetes is, well, 24/7. 

I frequently get asked – “How do you do it?”

The human body is so complex and diabetes isn’t a one size fits all autoimmune condition. 

I do absolutely everything I can to manage my diabetes, even with experience and resources, I am still always learning and improving. When it comes to training and living with diabetes, I believe, mindset and preparation is key for performance and lifelong good health.

Many variables can affect my blood sugars. My goal is to focus on the variables that I’m able to manage (sometimes): Sleep, minimizing stress, continue good nutrition and doing my best to recover. 

While traveling, I pack enough snacks and my ingredients for breakfast. Some of my essentials:

Thankful for my personal sponsors, Honey Stinger and Klean Athlete!

My suggestion, continue your routine, but don’t be timid on switching things up to improve your diabetes management. If you absolutely love what you’re doing, are prepared and have a good mindset, your outlook on managing your diabetes and even health may change, and sometimes for the better.

There are resources available. My team, Team Novo Nordisk has some great advice: https://www.teamnovonordisk.com/sports-diabetes/racing-tips/


Fun Fact: Half of my suitcase is food :p

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