Team Novo Nordisk Training Camp

I’m excited to be apart of the world’s first all-diabetic professional cycling team in 2013.

” We raise awareness about diabetes and to educate, empower and inspire people around the world with diabetes. “

Training camp was held in Alicante, Spain for 12 days. The forecast was mid 60s, in riding terms that translates to leg warmers and a vest. Pretty nice compared to PA, where it’s freezing cold and snowy.


Alicante, Spain

It was great meeting new teammates from around the world, and it’s pretty cool being in a room of ALL type 1 diabetic cyclists. Continus Glucose Monitors (CGMS) constantly going off and wondering if it’s yours or the guy next to you. We had plenty of sponsor meetings, metabolic lactate threshold testing with Inigo San Millan, and team doctors were there 24-7 to help us manage our blood sugars.


Team Novo Nordisk Women’s Team (Photo by BrakeThrough Media)

The support is incredible and I’m excited to be apart of Team Novo Nordisk in 2013.


It was nice to get out and have something other than hotel food. Gave us the opportunity to go out and explore Alicante! We found some amazing homemade pizza.

Happy Holidays everyone! Have a healthy and happy new year!

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